Screen Printing

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing, also known as Silk Printing or Silkscreen Printing, is a traditional printing technique that manually applies different layers of inks directly onto apparels. The process begins with making individual screens (or also called mesh stencils) for each color your image has. Once the screens are made, each color is manually applied one at a time. Since there are multiple layers of colors that need to be lined up perfectly, it requires more delicate attention and detail than DTG printing when processing an image. Here at 365 Custom Printing, Screen Printing is an absolute go-to options for those who wish to print an image that has a few number of colors for a large amount. 

What Screen Printing Offers You

  • Huge Discounts for Bulk Orders
    • Ability to get the cheapest price for bulk orders
  • Long Life Expectancy & High Vibrancy of Colors
    • Ability to pull high vibrancy of the colors
  • No Material Limitations
    • Ability to print on various fabrics including synthetic materials

 Available Products

Apparel T-shirts, Tank Tops, Crop tops, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Baby Shirts, Baby Onesies, Pet Shirts
Others Pillow Case, Canvas Bag

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